July 21, 2024 @ 9:00 am
Morrisette Park
Joe McDonnell

Seaway Festival 3-On-3 Basketball Tournament at Morrisette Park

Each team must submit a “Team Name” that will be listed on the brackets

There will be rolling sign-ups until the morning of the tournament. The deadline to sign up and receive an official tournament t-shirt is July 20th.

Please direct any questions to event chairperson Joe McDonnell at 680-333-0415

$30 per team (payment must be made via credit card through the official Seaway Festival website or by cash day-of).


Rules are as follows:

  1. No arguing with officials. No vulgar language, inappropriate behavior will result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.
  2. All rosters are to have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players.
  3. Each team should have the same color shirts/jerseys.
  4. All games are 15 minutes in length (running clock unless there’s a time-out), or the first team to score 21 points. If the score is tied after regulation there will be a 1 minute over time period, that will continue if the score remains tied.
  5. After a foul is committed the possession resets. If 6 fouls are called on a team during the game, free throws will be shot after the 6th foul, counting for 1 point.
  6. After a made basket possession goes to the other team.
  7. All made baskets count for 1 point.
  8. Substitutions can only be made after a made basket or an out-of-bounds turnover.
  9. The clock will stop for all games at 7:00 for a 1 minute 30 second intermission.
  10. Every team has the option to call one 30 second time-out.
  11. On defensive rebounds or steals, players must return the ball by dribble or pass across the designated take back line. Any baskets scored without taking the ball back will not count.
  12. Fouls will be called by the court monitor/referee. A foul called in the act of shooting will result in the team with possession getting the ball back, unless the shot is made, then the basket will count and possession changes. If a team is already in the penalty and a foul occurs in the act of shooting, the shooter will shoot a free throw unless the basket is made.
  13. High school rules shall be enforced whenever applicable.
  14. The court monitor/referee shall have the power to make decisions on any point not specifically covered in the rules.
  15. Have fun!