Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival
Ogdensburg InternationalSeaway Festival


The Seaway Festival Parade has prided itself in keeping the parade a celebration. Political Campaigning of ANY TYPE is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any person found to be in violation will be asked to leave the line of march. ONLY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CURRENTLY HOLDING OFFICE are allowed to participate in that venue and you are asked to refrain from campaign activities. We thank you for your cooperation. Parade information - Chris Cole  315-393-3518

VENDORS - All Vendors wishing to sell items in the park are required to obtain a vending permit from the Seaway Festival. A city vending permit DOES NOT allow for vending in the park during the festival. Violators will not be tolerated.

Vendor information: Chris Cole 315-393-3518 , Kathleen Bouchard 315-393-3540

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